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Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators This Promised End (2018– ) Online

Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators This Promised End (2018– ) Online
Original Title :
This Promised End
Genre :
TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Carolina Giammetta
Cast :
Mark Benton,Jo Joyner,Patrick Walshe McBride
Writer :
Paul Matthew Thompson,Jude Tindall
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators This Promised End (2018– ) Online

Undertaker Peter Quintus is visited by two sinister hitmen, who say they will kill him in twenty-four hours so he seeks help from Luella and Frank. Peter's ex-wife, the voracious Brenda, claims that he owes her a lot of money and then current wife Anne is attacked. Somebody clearly bears him a grudge and the detectives must find them before the deadline runs out. {locallinks-homepage}
Episode complete credited cast:
Mark Benton Mark Benton - Frank Hathaway
Jo Joyner Jo Joyner - Luella Shakespeare
Patrick Walshe McBride Patrick Walshe McBride - Sebastian Brudenell (as Patrick Walshe Mcbride)
Amber Aga Amber Aga - DI Marlowe
Richard Lumsden Richard Lumsden - Peter Quintus
Vicky Hall Vicky Hall - Anne Quintus
Chris Brazier Chris Brazier - Mr R
Jason Nwoga Jason Nwoga - Mr G
Andrew Buckley Andrew Buckley - Melvin Pipkin
Elizabeth Berrington Elizabeth Berrington - Brenda Quintus

Lots of visual and other references to Shakespeare's plays, especially Hamlet, pepper this story. Two of the village names, Elsinore (Hamlet's castle) and Osric (a courtier), come from 'Hamlet'. A gravedigger plays with a skull (Yorick's). The funeral parlour sign reads "This Mortal Coil". When Messrs R and G wake Quintus in the church, their lines, "Is this the promised end? / Or image of that horror?", are from 'King Lear' Act 5, Scene 3. 'Quintus' is a character in Shakespeare's 'Titus and Andronicus'. Sebastian's quote at the end, "O, what may man within him hide, Though angel on the outward side!", comes from Measure for Measure, Act 3, Scene 2.

Mr. R and Mr G., the sinister men, are a reference to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from 'Hamlet'.

The title comes from Kent's lines in 'King Lear' Act 5, Scene 3, "KENT: Is this the promised end?".

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I've found the first few episodes amusing, this I have to say, had me in stitches, the scenes of Hathaway and Peter Quintus squashed up in a cubicle were hilarious, so funny that they almost distracted me from the plot, which in fairness was terrific, I loved the imagery of the Funeral Parlous and Hearse etc, but it was the pretty shocking twist at the end that caught me completely off guard, I hadn't expected that at all.

I am genuinely surprised still by this show, I thought Father Brown had stolen the role of only decent daytime show worth watching, it seems it now has some competition. Joyner and Benton are proving to be a real hit.

Elizabeth Berrington as always was a joy to watch, her scenes with Sebastian, again had me in stitches.

A Winner! 8/10
Уou ll never walk alone

Уou ll never walk alone

There are references to Hamlet throughout this episode. Undertaker Peter Quintus is visited by two hitmen, Mr R & Mr G who give him 24 hours to sort out his affairs as they have orders by some powerful people to kill him.

Quintus cannot go to the police as his loved ones would be in danger so he turns to Luella and Frank who take the case as he throws down £10,000 in cash.

With the clock ticking they need to find who may want to kill Quintus. His ex-wife, Brenda is in the frame as a suspect, his current wife Anne is later attacked and hospitalised. There is a strange warden hanging around and Quintus is getting increasingly desperate.

I had a fair idea who the suspect behind this all might be. I did like the turning of the tables and the flipping of one of the character's.