» » Kâbî no earaido (2003)

Kâbî no earaido (2003) Online

Kâbî no earaido (2003) Online
Original Title :
Kâbî no earaido
Genre :
Video Game / Action / Family / Fantasy / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Shigefumi Kawase,Masahiro Sakurai
Writer :
Masahiro Sakurai
Type :
Video Game
Rating :
Kâbî no earaido (2003) Online

Come join Kirby, as he races on his gliding star or wheeled vehicle against his rivals in Air Ride, Top Ride, or City Trial mode as he attempts to earn trophies by completing objectives on the chart in this intense racing game.

Was originally planned as one of the first games for the Nintendo 64.

The last Kirby game to be released on a home console until Kirby's Epic Yarn (2010) released 7 years later.