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Bad as I Wanna Be - Die Dennis-Rodman-Story (1998) Online

Bad as I Wanna Be - Die Dennis-Rodman-Story (1998) Online
Original Title :
Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story
Genre :
Movie / Biography / Drama / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Jean de Segonzac
Cast :
Dwayne Adway,John Terry,Dee Wallace
Writer :
John Miglis,Gar Anthony Haywood
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Bad as I Wanna Be - Die Dennis-Rodman-Story (1998) Online

Biography of Chicago Bulls' basketball star Dennis Rodman, who is well known for his off-court and on-court shenanigans takes great effort to paint the calm, decent side of the athlete despite the film title. Dennis is shown to be pushed by his momma to play pro ball and to go to college where he would get the opportunity. Shipped to Oklahoma where he faces racism, he is taken in by a white family and coached by Lonn Reisman. The movie finally tracks Rodman into his wild, multi-haired current lifestyle.
Credited cast:
Dwayne Adway Dwayne Adway - Dennis Rodman
John Terry John Terry - Rodman's stepfather
Dee Wallace Dee Wallace - Rodman's stepmother (as Dee Wallace-Stone)
Heidi Mark Heidi Mark - Annie Banks
Daniel Hugh Kelly Daniel Hugh Kelly - Lonn Reisman
Art Hindle Art Hindle - Chuck Daly
Karen Robinson Karen Robinson
Michael Caloz Michael Caloz
Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman - Himself
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Andrew Ackman Andrew Ackman
Isys Alexis Isys Alexis - (as Isys McKoy)
Damir Andrei Damir Andrei
J. Winston Carroll J. Winston Carroll
Jim Codrington Jim Codrington
Michael Copeman Michael Copeman

User reviews



Granted, this TV movie had some weak acting in a lot of scenes, but it's a made-for-TV movie so it's not going to have the greatest acting in the world. I love how the movie showed Rodman's early beginnings. Where in college basketball, he set scoring and rebounding records, and won titles for those categories. Not many people know that.

It also did show the softer side of Dennis Rodman, and in watching that movie you can see that anytime in an interview whenever his daughter Alexis is mentioned he breaks into tears. This movie showed a softer, gentler side of Dennis Rodman, a man whom is my personal hero.

Although books are always better than movies, this flick was amazing. Kudos.


I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I struggled through the movie.

Did anyone else think that Rodman's mum had more than a passing resemblance to Steve Erkel? That dorky guy in that American comedy a few years ago???

The worst part was that the movie didn't even portray Rodman correctly. I know he doesn't do a spin move with such grace now, so why should he have been doing them back in College???

And to think I was going to get out Hoosiers and watch it again... :(


Oh this movie is bad. Real bad. I can't explain the number of ways in which it stinks. I'll point out the highlights of it's awfulness.

1. The re-creations of the NBA games, uniforms, and stadiums are hilarious. The jerseys look like they came straight from the screen printers, and the basketball clips shows Rodman scoring like Jordan.

2. Both of his mothers take the word over-acting to new levels. His black mom in Dallas and white mom in Durant appear to be reading the lines from the cue cards.

3. The intermissions where Dennis explains his feelings about the situations often involve mirrors; maybe they are supposed to be cool, but I found them to be annoying. They also seemed to point out that he approved this version of the story.

But, there were a few intriguing story lines. Oklahoma can be rough for minorities, and I believe that he did befriend a family and spend a lot of time at the family ranch. The Madonna story was plausible and genuine. The brief interview with the psychiatrist was surprisingly entertaining.

However, this was a train wreck of a film, I would prefer to read something about him later.



This movie was as predictable as a Big Mac at McDonalds. Continuity was neither a priority nor an issue. The actors were second rate, not to mention it's poor exuse for a story, that just can't quite get it right in terms of translating book to film. Bombs AWAY!