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The 90's: India Rediscovered (2015) Online

The 90's: India Rediscovered (2015) Online
Original Title :
The 90u0027s: India Rediscovered
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Short
Year :
Cast :
Dia Mirza,Rajdeep Sardesai,Ram Gopal Varma
Type :
Rating :
The 90's: India Rediscovered (2015) Online

Credited cast:
Dia Mirza Dia Mirza - Herself
Rajdeep Sardesai Rajdeep Sardesai - Himself
Ram Gopal Varma Ram Gopal Varma - Himself

User reviews



Watched this documentary with great anticipation. But, for a decade with events as significant as the liberalization of the market structure, the Surat plague and the Latur Earthquake, the nuclear tests, the Kargil war, the Indian Airlines highjacking, to name a few (none of which this documentary mentions), plenty of screen time is spent in interviewing film personalities about how they were dumbstruck when Sanjay Dutt was found guilty of illegal weapons possessions, or about what an epic and defining moment in India's history it was for some ladies to win a few international beauty pageants, etc. Very superficial reporting of some facts, but no analysis of the events leading up to significant events. You are better off spending the same amount of time on Wikipedia. And while we are at it, consider some of the people the film spends a lot of time interviewing: Raveena Tandon, Shekhar Suman, Diya Mirza, and some ad 'gurus': are these the thinkers of India that we need to hear to understand our history?!


The documentary shed light into lot of events
  • Rajiv Gandhi assasination by LTTE
  • India becoming open economy
  • Sachin Tendulkar phenomenon
  • Babri masjid, Advani Rath yatra, mumbai roits, communal politics
  • Underworld terror, 12 blasts in 2 hours in Mumbai
  • Sanjay Dutt charge for illegal possesion of arms
  • Harshad Mehta scam
  • Miss world, miss universe winners from India. Consipracy theory that beauty product companies wanted to get into India
  • Kashmir terrorism and exodus of Kashmiri pandits
  • Rigging of elections in kashmir of 1987 which led to then minister candidate becoming leader of Hijabul Mujahideen