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Hard Boiled Yeggs (1926) Online

Hard Boiled Yeggs (1926) Online
Original Title :
Hard Boiled Yeggs
Genre :
Movie / Short / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Scott Pembroke
Cast :
Billy West,Ethelyn Gibson,William Dyer
Writer :
Scott Pembroke
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Hard Boiled Yeggs (1926) Online

A recent college graduate (Billy West) inherits a large sum of money, as well as a dive on the rough side of town. The will states that, in the event of Billy's death, two thugs get the money and the 'Cafe', and the thugs try, through various means, to see that Billy meets his demise. But Billy manages to thwart their efforts, with the help of a pretty young girl.
Cast overview:
Billy West Billy West - Billy
Ethelyn Gibson Ethelyn Gibson - Apache Dancer
William Dyer William Dyer - Brother Dave (as Wm. Dyer)
Les Bates Les Bates - Lawyer Brown

Based on a Broadway comedy.

User reviews



Billy West (not in Chaplin garb) stars in this amiable enough comedy that SHOULD have been better. When Billy inherits some money, two tough guys and their low-life friends are determined to steal it from him. Throughout the film, they make attempt after attempt on Billy and ultimately he prevails.

The idea of the film isn't bad at all. However, time and again, you see Billy bonking the guys on the head (or some such nonsense) and so should the rest of the gang--yet again and again, they just keep coming and letting him smack them on the head or whatever. Better direction would have made this more subtle and work, but here it just looks sloppy and ill-conceived. Not one of West's better shorts.


A fair little comedy with some nice gags and funny title cards. Billy is not doing his Chaplin imitation, but walks around in white pants and a straw boater. He's a lot less obnoxious in his mannerisms. There's a plot, too. Good heavens! The man had some talents of his own!