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Belly Button (2004) Online

Belly Button (2004) Online
Original Title :
Belly Button
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Short
Year :
Directror :
David Hewitt
Cast :
Sharon Small,Don Gilet,Nona Alexander
Writer :
David Hewitt
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Belly Button (2004) Online

An off-screen narrator introduces us to six people: a man tightly wound, a free spirit, a lonely guy, an overweight businessman who's just avoided exercise by sitting in a Jacuzzi, a woman who's boyfriend has just dumped her, and a woman sitting on a park bench doing the crossword. Their paths are bound to cross. Will anything of their natures be revealed? And what of the scar of the beginning? {locallinks-homepage}
Cast overview:
Sharon Small Sharon Small - Kika
Don Gilet Don Gilet - Carl
Nona Alexander Nona Alexander - Mary
Richard Rycroft Richard Rycroft - Martin
Natasha Mago Natasha Mago - Parveen
Joe Sims Joe Sims - Ralph
Philip Harvey Philip Harvey - Narrator (voice)

User reviews



This film has a plot, but it only comes together at the very end and I think you'll find it is so coincidental and tidy that you'll probably just be annoyed by it if I were to tell it to you here and now. However, if you take the time to watch this delightful little short you'll probably find that, by the time you reach the tidy ending, you've been won over by the delivery of this film more to the point where you can forgive it.

The majority of the film follows six characters over two very short scenes each. They never speak but a gentle voiced narrator tells us what they are thinking. It is engaging on this level and rather charming, with a nice rhythm to it that flows in a slight but enjoyable fashion. The direction matches this, with well framed but simple shots, bright simple colours and good performances drawn from the cast to match well with the expressed thoughts their characters are having. Of course the ending is a bit of a problem and none of the substance holds in place but this doesn't matter so much because it is enchanting and enjoyable enough to watch without that mattering too much. Hard to explain but rather a sweet little film with well-written narration and well worth taking a look at if you get the chance.


I really enjoyed this short film, I saw it Raindance 2005 which I believe it won, (and deservedly so).

Belly Button is humorous tale of five peoples everyday lives drawn together by one event and the very human way it all unfolds. The characters actions and thoughts give us a real peek into their private worlds, showing us that what you see is not always what you get.

The narrator (who sounds a lot like the guy from Mr Ben) is an inspired casting; really bringing together the five different tales and the thoughts of the protagonists with a kit-ch humour.

Well worth trying to get a look at, I look forward to more good work from these guys.


Belly Button is in many ways the perfect short film; Well-written characters, sensitive performances (especially by Sharon Small and Don Gillet), great locations, beautifully photographed and pulled off with great style in ten minutes. You're left caring about the characters and it immediately invites a re-watch. The key here though is the tight and witty script and the deftness with which its interweaving threads are realized by writer/director David Hewitt, who clearly has a masterful touch with both the performances and the camera. The narrator's unique, dry timbre also seems to fit perfectly with the overall feel of this mature, and enchanting little film. Looking out for future projects by this director.


BELLY BUTTON revolves around several characters . There's Mary who's an old woman sitting on a park bench , Parveen who's been dumped by her boyfriend though gawd knows why since she's so pretty , Martin a middle aged man who smokes too much , Carl who's something of klutz who wonders why he doesn't have a girlfriend and a couple of other protagonists

I have to be honest and say that for most of the ten minute running time of BELLY BUTTON I had no idea where it was heading or if it was even heading anywhere . Added to this we have a voice over from a narrator who's delivery reminded me of the nuclear holocaust docudrama THREADS . Thankfully we're not told about the effects of radiation on the body but the narrator tells us what is going on in the minds of the characters who more often than not wonder where swear words come from . Thankfully everything makes sense when fate brings the character threads together and we find out what a selfish bitch Parveen is . No doubt he's best rid of her

And can I just say that it's refreshing to see a short film featuring a couple of familiar faces . Obviously the narrative doesn't require anything more from the actors to pull faces but it's rare to see a short film where you'll say " Oh they were in ... "