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Dancer (2003) Online

Dancer (2003) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Comedy / Drama / Short
Year :
Directror :
Ewan Stewart
Cast :
Sandy Nelson,Billy McElhaney,James Martin
Writer :
Ewan Stewart
Budget :
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Dancer (2003) Online

Who's Ray Bolger? A young Scotsman does some fancy footwork to find the answer when an older colleague mentions the name.
Cast overview:
Sandy Nelson Sandy Nelson - Brian
Billy McElhaney Billy McElhaney - Danny
James Martin James Martin - Old Man
Ann Stevenson Ann Stevenson - Barmaid
Liam Stewart Liam Stewart - Man at bar #1
Brendan McLaughlin Brendan McLaughlin - Man at bar #2
Bert McLernan Bert McLernan - Man at bar #3
Noreen Leighton Noreen Leighton - Librarian

User reviews



'Ya Dancer' was first made famous by Ewan MacGregor in Trainspotting, during that epic dive to the bottom of the 'worst toilet in Scotland'.

It is also uttered here, in a similarly joyous moment for the hero.

The difference being that in 'Dancer', the hero has stumbled on the information he has been frantically looking for, the identity of 'Ray Bolger'.

'Dancer' is about the search for knowledge, bettering yourself, rather than trying to relocate your dropped opium deposits. A step out of the gutter for Scotland perhaps.

But, like Trainspotting, it does have a wicked sense of humour and in Sandy, a charismatic, likable leading man you want to see triumph.

Short films are like short stories. Deceptively simple but very hard to pull off successfully. This has all the right ingredients.