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Babilonas 5 A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 1 (1994–1998) Online

Babilonas 5 A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 1 (1994–1998) Online
Original Title :
A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 1
Genre :
TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Year :
Directror :
Janet Greek
Cast :
Michael O'Hare,Claudia Christian,Jerry Doyle
Writer :
J. Michael Straczynski,J. Michael Straczynski
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Babilonas 5 A Voice in the Wilderness: Part 1 (1994–1998) Online

Delenn's old friend and mentor Draal arrives on the station at the same time that an extinct civilization is found on the planet that Babylon 5 orbits. A revolt against the Earth Alliance breaks out on Mars.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Michael O'Hare Michael O'Hare - Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair
Claudia Christian Claudia Christian - Lt. Cmdr. Susan Ivanova
Jerry Doyle Jerry Doyle - Michael Garibaldi
Mira Furlan Mira Furlan - Delenn
Richard Biggs Richard Biggs - Dr. Stephen Franklin (credit only)
Andrea Thompson Andrea Thompson - Talia Winters
Stephen Furst Stephen Furst - Vir Cotto (credit only)
Bill Mumy Bill Mumy - Lennier (credit only)
Julie Caitlin Brown Julie Caitlin Brown - Na'Toth (as Caitlin Brown) (credit only)
Andreas Katsulas Andreas Katsulas - G'Kar (credit only)
Peter Jurasik Peter Jurasik - Londo Mollari
Louis Turenne Louis Turenne - Draal
Curt Lowens Curt Lowens - Varn
Craig Barnett Craig Barnett - Security Guard
Langdon Bensing Langdon Bensing - Derek Mobotabwe

Londo's story about marrying the Centauri dancer is consistent with Babylon 5 canon. What he leaves out is the fact that his family forced him to divorce the dancer almost immediately.

Sinclair and Ivanova enter the planet across a walkway in a high-tech abyss. This impressive shot is a direct homage to the similar Krell Machine scene in the 1956 classic and highly influential 'Forbidden Planet'.

Garibaldi asks Talia to see if she can use her Psi-Corps connections to get through to Mars, via a Psi-Corp at Syria Planum. The story of how he knows about that facility is told in issues 5-8 of the Babylon 5 comic book published by DC comics. Garibaldi is heard telling part of this story in Babylon 5: Infection (1994) and later says more about it in Babylon 5: Messages from Earth (1996).

This takes place in June 2258.

User reviews



This is the first part of a two-part episode featuring the Minbari "Draal"--an older man who is both Delenn's mentor and is tired of seeing his race change for the worse. He sees that the Minbari and their love of both the spiritual and sanctity of life in general is vanishing and he seems on the brink of suicide as he seeks some higher meaning and purpose. At the same time, the seemingly dead planet over which the station is orbiting is starting to show a lot in instability--with earthquakes that seem ready to cause the planet to blow apart (and taking the station with it). When they investigate, the planet attacks the ships as they near it! Obviously, this "dead" planet is very much alive, though also perhaps a bit sick as well! How all this is resolved is wonderful and sets the stage for future appearances of Draal. However, oddly, in future episodes, he's played by John Schuck! I actually didn't mind this because Shuck's version of Draal is MUCH more fun to watch, as he finally shows a sense of humor and is a much more life-like character.


As this, the first episode of a two part story, opens Draal, Delenn's elderly mentor arrives on Babylon 5; a series of quakes occur on the apparently uninhabited planet beneath the station and contact is lost with Mars Colony. A shuttle is dispatched to investigate the goings planet's instability but activates what appears to be an ancient planetary defence system. Further investigation suggests that weapons are being launched from a fissure that is at least five miles deep. Sinclair and Ivanova head down to investigate and make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile Garibaldi is desperate to contact an old friend who he knew when he worked on Mars.

This episode was rather fun; there is a real sense of mystery concerning the planet below Babylon 5; especially after Sinclair, then Londo see what appears to be hologram of an alien being asking for help. There is a sense of danger as Sinclair and Ivanova go down to the planet followed by some real surprises when we see what they discover. We also get some good laughs; most provided by Londo... his comments about the Hokey Cokey were hilarious. Overall a really good first part with a great cliff-hanger ending that left me keen to see what happens next.


A continuation of the greatness this entire season has displayed thus far, with zero flops as of yet. Just wait till the second part of this dual episode, it gets even better.