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Glückspilze (2013) Online

Glückspilze (2013) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Documentary / Drama / Family / Sport
Year :
Directror :
Verena Endtner
Writer :
Verena Endtner
Budget :
CHF 350,000
Type :
Time :
1h 36min
Rating :
Glückspilze (2013) Online

From sniffing glue in deserted metro stations into the arena of the only circus project in Russia for disadvantaged youngsters - Danja's life has changed completely. Instead of playing hooky and spending most of his time crouching in dark corners of suburban St. Petersburg, he now spends hours practicing every day to become a circus star. Meet 6-year-old Danja and his peers, training at UPSALA circus and trying to win over new kids from the streets. Experience their breathtaking performances on a tour of Switzerland and get to know the charismatic founder of the circus, Larissa.

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I had the chance to to to see the documentary Glückspilze at the premiere in Basel. It is a very moving story showing the difficulties homeless or abandoned children in St. Petersburg are facing living in the streets. Some of the kids have lost their parents to drugs or the prison others are just not able to get along with other kids. The movie shows the courage of a woman who gives them joy and love with their own circus program. It is wonderful and very funny. A positive feeling. Definitely worth seeing it. I was very lucky that I could go to the premiere where children from a circus were welcoming us in the cinema and we were celebrating Russian new year. Great.
heart of sky

heart of sky

I have seen the movie at the film festival in Nyon and was really in tears. The stories about the four children growing up under very tough conditions is so strong. They never give up and see their future mostly in gold. As an example, the older girl in the movie, she is raped by the police officer, but never the less think, that he will give her a apartment and a home for the child she is expecting.

Speaking or housing, the film gives also a deep look into the conditions, people lives in St. Petersburg. The so called Komunalka is not a flat-share, it is more. Imagine a 4 room apartment and in every room lives a hole family with up to 4 kids. That makes up to 16 people using the kitchen and the toilet!

These days it is also a very good contrast to the TV, that shows you a polished Russia in Sotschi! Go to the theaters ans see how life in Russia for most of the people really is!