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A Peace of Life (2016) Online

A Peace of Life (2016) Online
Original Title :
A Peace of Life
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Sy Hudson
Cast :
Becky Boyd,HannahFranchesca Samuel,O. Levon Jackson
Writer :
Sy Hudson,Ne'Toile
Type :
Rating :
A Peace of Life (2016) Online

The son of a prominent doctor suddenly finds himself living a life of abuse and neglect after his father falls ill. While hospitalized, his girlfriend forces young Devon to spend his days and nights in a rat infested shed. Nevertheless, all is not lost for Devon eventually finds serenity in a vision to see the "peace of his life" that is yet to come.
Credited cast:
Becky Boyd Becky Boyd - Ms. Eva Filer
HannahFranchesca Samuel HannahFranchesca Samuel - Gigi
O. Levon Jackson O. Levon Jackson - Dr. Tacomma
Syvonne Syvonne - Dr. Aimer
Marian Davis Marian Davis - Scripture reader
T.J. Hudson T.J. Hudson - Pallbearer
T. Hudson T. Hudson - Pallbearer
First Lady Croom First Lady Croom - Soloist
David Lee David Lee - Fireman Dave
Terrance Scott Terrance Scott - Minister
S. Croom S. Croom - Senior Pastor
L. Oglesby L. Oglesby - Scripture reader
Vegan Darrell Vegan Darrell - Dr. D. Mancini
Darryl Hudson Darryl Hudson - Pallbearer
J. Peterson J. Peterson - Pallbearer