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Englandsfarere (1946) Online

Englandsfarere (1946) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama / War
Year :
Directror :
Toralf Sandø
Cast :
Knut Wigert,Jørn Ording,Ola Isene
Writer :
Victor Borg,Sigurd Evensmo
Type :
Time :
1h 47min
Rating :
Englandsfarere (1946) Online

The secret transportation of Wanted persons from the coast of Norway over to England during the second world war, based upon the novel by Nowegian novelist Sigurd Evensmo, telling the true story about his experiences during the war.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Knut Wigert Knut Wigert - Harald Silju
Jørn Ording Jørn Ording - Arild Jørn
Ola Isene Ola Isene - Peder
Elisabeth Bang Elisabeth Bang - Hilde, sykepleierske
Ingeborg Cook Ingeborg Cook - Torild
Sigurd Magnussøn Sigurd Magnussøn - Skipperen
Johannes Eckhoff Johannes Eckhoff - Bjørn Hjelm
Per Skift Per Skift - Arnfinn
Claus Wiese Claus Wiese - Normann
Bjarne Larsen Bjarne Larsen - Jonas
Gudmund Vold Gudmund Vold - Knut, skipperens sønn
Pål Skjønberg Pål Skjønberg - Torbjørn Dalsberg
Gunnar Jakobsen Gunnar Jakobsen - Torkild
Kåre Wicklund Kåre Wicklund - Espen Stordalen
Per Røtvold Per Røtvold - Knotten

User reviews



This is a classic Norwegian wartime movie about the secret route by fishing boats from Norway to England during the second world war. The film is based upon the true story on how this all went on, and how they manages for a long time too fool th German invasion troops that this was going on.

The film is based upon the first novel written by Sigurd Evensmo, which later became a reknown norwegian novelist. This story is the factual events of which he was a part of himself during the war.

The film is excitingly told, and is very factual, and so it is engaging as well as well told. As one of the many true stories told from the second world war in Norway, like Ni liv (Nine lives), Nødlanding (Emergency landing) and the best of them all, Kampen om tungtvannet (The battle of the Heavy Water), this stands out as great historic and very accurate history documentation.

When I fist saw this as a young kid in the eighties, I was immediately drawn into the story. The scenes when they are meeting a German bomber out on the sea is terrific for the forties, and this film is well worth a watch for lovers of historic war movies.