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Personals: College Girl Seeking... (2001) Online

Personals: College Girl Seeking... (2001) Online
Original Title :
Personals: College Girl Seeking...
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Paul Levine
Cast :
Renee Rea,Brad Bartram,Tera Patrick
Writer :
Samm Croft,Louise Monclair
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 26min
Rating :
Personals: College Girl Seeking... (2001) Online

Lacking experience to write her research paper on sexual behavior, a 22-year old college student responds to personal ads to broaden her erotic horizons. {locallinks-homepage}
Complete credited cast:
Renee Rea Renee Rea - Juliette (as Samantha McConnell)
Brad Bartram Brad Bartram - Alex (as Ross Goza)
Tera Patrick Tera Patrick - Sara (as Tera Hopkins)
Sebastien Guy Sebastien Guy - David
Brandy Davis Brandy Davis - Alicia
Dillon Morgan Silver Dillon Morgan Silver - Eddie
Adoni Maropis Adoni Maropis - Joseph
Toni Taylor Toni Taylor - Leslie
Sasha Peralto Sasha Peralto - Heather
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mary Shannon Mary Shannon - Helen (as Nicky Dolan)

User reviews



Rating as a softcore film: A-

Despite the fact this film features hotties like Renee Rea, Tera Patrick, and Brandy Davis I admit the real reason I wanted to check the film out was because I noticed Sasha Peralto's name was in the credits. An incredibly gorgeous brunette with an adorable face and an amazing body, I have no trouble calling her one of the hottest women in the world. And anyone who's seen Staying on Top knows she's greatly energetic and enthusiastic during her sex scenes.

So I guess you could say I was a little disappointed she only showed up for one scene here. The show really belongs to Renee Rea, who stars as Juliette, a student who's doing a paper on sexuality and discovers the only way to do research is to experience matters first-hand. Unsurprisingly, the rest of the movie consists of people answering Renee's ads which get her into a variety of fun and enjoyably sexy situations.

The degree to which a softcore production like this works is how hot the sex scenes and women are, and both are top-notch all-around. As mentioned before, the hottest woman here is the boner-inducing Sasha Peralto, who gets in a great sex scene a little over halfway through the flick. Though I was disappointed she only showed up for a few minutes, some Sasha is better than none at all and at least this role paved the way for her scene-stealing turn in Staying on Top.

As the star of the production, Renee Rea is a very hot cutie. Though her character is a bit annoying in some respects, Rea gives off a sweet and appealing vibe that makes her endearing. The film's standout scene has to be the hot threesome with Renee, Brandy Davis, and the guy playing Davis' husband. Naturally, you can't help but think how lucky the guy must have been to be in this scene.

Tera Patrick has a prominent role as Renee's roommate, but for some reason, she just doesn't seem into her role here. Though her very presence dictates there's going to be some heat no matter what, there's still a noticeable lack of energy during her sex scenes when compared to some of her other softcore efforts. Still, Tera's a hottie and I have no reason to complain about seeing her fully nude.

As is typical of an Indigo flick, the production values are good and there's some pleasing lighting and photography. Personals was actually followed by a sequel which featured a slightly less attractive cast, but still delivered the goods with plenty of great sex scenes.


Juliette (Samantha McConnell) is a 22 year-old student doing a research paper about sexual behavior. Her professor says, "Put more of yourself into it," which she says she doesn't understand. Sara (Tera Patrick) her roommate, on the other hand, knows exactly what Juliette needs--an active sex life. Sara must be a kind of sexual expert; after all, she does have an "open relationship" with her live-in boyfriend David (Sebastien Guy). She suggests the "personals" in the classified ads as the best source for Juliette's research. Juliette starts answering the ads and finds Alex (Brad Bartram), some kind of "sexual invalid" who can't let her see him, but wants to talk to her and watch her in his house. She discovers "girl-girl sex" with Alicia (Brandy Davis) who wants to give herself and Juliette to her husband Eddie (Dillon Morgan Silver) for a birthday present.

Juliette continues to learn more about her sexual behavior, and about sex in general, frequently requiring tuition from Sara. The crisis develops when Juliette and David sort of "accidentally" have sex. Is Sara's "open relationship" open enough to include her best friend's "doing" her boyfriend?

Samantha McConnell, "seasoned actress" of two other films, according to IMDb, ("Lily/Lisa" in Beauty Betrayed, and "Bait" (Can you believe that name?) in Passion's Peak) plays the role of naive Juliette well. (Mostly, she just has to stand there and look sexy--and she does.) Tera Patrick, taking a short rest from her usual hardcore roles, plays the equally sexy, but less attractive, Sara and makes a good contribution to the film as the older and wiser friend of Juliette. Brad Bartram has his work cut out for him in the less-than-believable role of Alex and creates a more likable character than the ones that he usually plays.


Tara Patrick is a goddess, and enough reason alone to see this movie. A young college student (Brittany O'Connell) is studying deviant sexual behavior for a project. To do this, she has encounters with various men and women and the results are one hot and steamy movie. But the best part, obviously, is Patrick. She lights it up in three scenes, including one lesbian scene. See it. You won't be disappointed. Just make sure you get the unrated version.


Fans of soft core sex movies will be in Heaven with this one! The female cast line-up is extremely hot; with Renee Rea, Tera Patrick and Sasha Peralto you can't go wrong.

Renee Rea is very cute, beautiful, tender, but when she wears skirts and sexy outfits, she looks like a fox! She's a unique beauty. Her sex scenes are very good and have a high sensual factor. She moves really good and seems to enjoy it. The sex scene in the strip club is the highlight of the movie in my opinion. Specially when she's taken from behind. I wonder why she stopped acting...

Tera Patrick is by far the hottest woman in the movie. Her body is simply amazing and she makes good use of it. Her sex scenes are steamy and her dancing is a turn on. Her costumes are also very sexy.

Sasha Peralto has little on-screen time but whenever she's on screen, she shines. Her sex scene is great.

Overall this is a great movie for fans of soft core sex because there is sex, nudity, sexiness, sensuality, etc. through the entire running time! Believe me, this movie breathes sex. VERY recommended. Buy or rent it.


All I have to say is, the domination/pool scene and the threesome scenes are to die for. It's really a shame the lead actress in this film stopped acting, and more so, it's a shame she never did any hardcore. Nonethless though, she shined in this movie. And of course, you can't forget Tera Patrick. She is no doubt one of the hottest women in porn today and this movie proves it. It's great that she's getting so much mainstream success. Maybe she'll make people realize porn isn't a bad thing when it's done right. One last thing I have to add. During that scene when the two girls surprise the guy with the blindfold on, God knows I envied him. That's about all I have to say about this movie. Definitely check it out.