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Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux (2017) Online

Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux (2017) Online
Original Title :
Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux
Genre :
Movie / Short
Year :
Directror :
Josza Anjembe
Cast :
Grace Seri,Augustin Ruhabura,Mata Gabin
Writer :
Josza Anjembe
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux (2017) Online

Teenage Seyna faces unexpected obstacles on her mission to become a French citizen, from the disapproval of her Cameroonian father to the limitations of the camera lens.
Cast overview:
Grace Seri Grace Seri - Seyna
Augustin Ruhabura Augustin Ruhabura - Amidou
Mata Gabin Mata Gabin - Djenabou
Ousmane Macalou Ousmane Macalou - Djibril
Mathilde Lamusse Mathilde Lamusse - Chloé (as Mathilde La Musse)
Roméo Mestanza Roméo Mestanza - Jérémy
Anthony Bajon Anthony Bajon - Fabien
Cécile Kiffer Cécile Kiffer - L'agent administratif
Cédric Bouvier Cédric Bouvier - Photographe 1
Régis Guingand Régis Guingand - Photographe 2
Nadine Mateky Nadine Mateky - La coiffeuse
Aminata Pautut Aminata Pautut - Femme arrêt de bus
Maude Lachuer Maude Lachuer - Femme arrêt de bus

User reviews



I truly love this film that really was emotionally charged and so engaging for me as a viewer. It compellingly talks about immigration, identity, and the importance of family. Seyna is a young girl who dreams of acquiring the french citizenship even though her father is strongly opposed to it and she'll do anything she can in order to finally become french. This story is just so powerful, and Seyna is simply very touching because we feel how torn she is between her two identities. I really liked the main actress who is extremely talented. When it comes to directing it's also truly remarkable. It's beautifully shot and very cinematic. I was even more impressed that it is the director's first film. In short, it's a brilliant first film which is well worth seeing.


Greetings again from the darkness. Sometimes as parents, despite our best intentions, we create unnecessarily difficult challenges for our children to pursue their dreams. In the case of Seyna's father, his pride is what threatens her next step.

Seyna (played by Grace Seri) is a student who has just earned high marks for her diploma and is now ready to study politics at the next level. To be accepted, she must present her father's French residency card. Their family are immigrants from Cameroon and are forever burdened with two nationalities ... and sometimes two is the same as none.

Augustin Ruhabura plays the proud father who is forever frustrated that he is "not French enough". Seyna sneakiness and overcoming yet another obstacle prove how committed to her cause that she is. Sacrificing and fighting for one's dreams sometimes requires the swallowing of pride. Writer/director Josza Anjembe does a nice job of capturing this in this 24 minute directorial debut.