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Straight Boy Seductions (2015) Online

Straight Boy Seductions (2015) Online
Original Title :
Straight Boy Seductions
Genre :
Creative Work / Adult / Drama / Romance
Year :
Directror :
Nica Noelle
Cast :
Adam Russo,Ty Roderick,Asa Shaw
Writer :
Nica Noelle
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
2h 2min
Rating :
Straight Boy Seductions (2015) Online

Cast overview:
Adam Russo Adam Russo - James / Professor
Ty Roderick Ty Roderick
Asa Shaw Asa Shaw
Dirk Caber Dirk Caber
Lance Hart Lance Hart
Robert Axel Robert Axel

User reviews



All three words in this Nica Noelle video's title are suspect in that the protagonists are not 100% straight, in one segment both participants are old and not remotely "boys", plus the issue of seduction is strictly relative. But as a marketing ploy the moniker is on the money.

That's because the word "seduction" is merely to avoid any rape connotation, even in extreme cases (I could easily imagine a porn series set in stir titled "Prison Seductions"). Even though the Gay movement would downplay any "danger" of gays preying on straight guys, that forbidden fruit (no pun intended) is at work subconsciously here.

The oldies but goodies segment teams Adam Russo and Dirk Caber, performers who are used to playing daddies or "old school chums reuniting" in numerous features. Here they are guys at a men's club, like the Union Club or other private institution, sitting around smoking cigars and shooting the breeze. As they sip brandy and speak inanities ("In wine there's truth," one translates), they gradually go from bonding to sex. I couldn't quite buy the sort of "sex in public" aspect of them humping in what appeared to be a common room -where other club members might wander in at any moment, but in any event this was not very exciting to watch -sort of like a sex scene between Meryl Streep and Glenn Close in mainstream movieland, when in fact the viewer would prefer seeing Meryl make a move on Jennifer Lawrence or some other hot young thing. Even Cate Blanchett went from her previous Judi Dench spectacular to a more logical sack-mate like Rooney Mara.

Nica's patented "older/younger" formula from her scores of lesbian-themed videos works here with talent of the male persuasion, including a vignette of Russo playing a different character, a professor who humps his student Ty Roderick. He gave the lousy student an "A" to protect a track scholarship and in return requires some servicing in bed. This scene is relatively violent and obviously a crowd-pleaser.

Ty often appears in Noelle videos, and gets a second appearance here, forcing himself on young Asa Shaw. So he gets to be the young guy in one segment and the old guy anon (I guess that's similar to Blanchett's movie lesbianism).

Interracial sex is provided by Nica's utility infielder Robert Axel, more famous from his appearances opposite trans-females. He hooks up with young Lance Hart who is helping him move his place of residence. When Lance remarks: "They always say men give the best blow jobs" we know where this vignette is headed.

I recently purchased Volume 53 of "Lesbian Seductions: Older/Younger" from Nica's old label Girlfriends Films, so this Gay Men correlative series has its work cut out to match the gals' successful longevity in the marketplace.