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Into the Flame (2016) Online

Into the Flame (2016) Online
Original Title :
Into the Flame
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
J.G. Alexander
Cast :
J.G. Alexander,Diana Breen,Tristin Brennan
Writer :
J.G. Alexander,Alyce Campbell
Budget :
AUD 100
Type :
Time :
1h 3min
Rating :
Into the Flame (2016) Online

Hacker, Jon Mitchell steals government documents and is hunted down by hired assassin and hacker, Anonymous who would stop at nothing to fulfill the contract.
Credited cast:
J.G. Alexander J.G. Alexander - Anonymous
Diana Breen Diana Breen - Bible Girl
Tristin Brennan Tristin Brennan - Radio Announcer
Luke Dunne Luke Dunne - Mr. Green
Brittany Manton Brittany Manton - Em
Kieren Martin Kieren Martin - Charlie Erikson
Billy Sosbey Billy Sosbey - Jon Mitchell

Debut of J.G. Alexander as writer and director.

Mentioned in Black Dog, Alexander states that 'even though the film may not be perfect, it was a good start'. Alexander would mock the film in his second film, Black Dog.

Released into three acts on YouTube and has never been released in full.

Alexander claims that 25 minutes of the film went missing and was never recovered. A further 25 minutes of the film scheduled to be filmed was never filmed and so the film, even though released is and will remain incomplete.

All of the actors are friends of J.G. Alexander who agreed to help him make the film.

Director, J.G. Alexander wrote the script to "Into the Flame" in under a month. He also only wrote a single draft, however also with a plot outline so he could understand How the film was going to be. The only reason Alexander had to write the script in that amount of time was because he had very little time to make the movie.

Alexander edited the movie in just under a week.

The third act of the film was blocked in over 200 countries on YouTube due to copyright claims. Alexander in response uploaded an edit of the third act without any music over the top. This version is not blocked.