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The Story of Johnny O'Keefe Online

The Story of Johnny O'Keefe  Online
Original Title :
The Story of Johnny Ou0027Keefe
Genre :
TV Series
Cast :
Terry Serio,John McTernan,Marcelle Schmitz
Type :
TV Series
Time :
1h 40min
Rating :
The Story of Johnny O'Keefe Online

Dramatisation of the life of the Australian rock singer from his peak success in the 1950s.
Series cast summary:
Terry Serio Terry Serio - Johnny O'Keefe 2 episodes, 1985
John McTernan John McTernan - Lee Gordon 2 episodes, 1985
Marcelle Schmitz Marcelle Schmitz - Marianne O'Keefe 2 episodes, 1985
Candy Raymond Candy Raymond - Maureen O'Keefe 2 episodes, 1985
Tony Barry Tony Barry - Alan Heffernan 2 episodes, 1985
John Paramor John Paramor - Bill Haley 2 episodes, 1985
Steve Shaw Steve Shaw - Catfish Purser 2 episodes, 1985
Greg Stone Greg Stone - Deejay Doublebass 2 episodes, 1985
John Polson John Polson - Deejay Saxophone 2 episodes, 1985
Robert Alexander Robert Alexander - Brother Marzorini 2 episodes, 1985
Russell Newman Russell Newman - Ray O'Keefe 2 episodes, 1985
Nick Holland Nick Holland - Smythe 2 episodes, 1985
Ritchie Singer Ritchie Singer - Max Moore 2 episodes, 1985
Roger Ward Roger Ward - Police Sergeant 2 episodes, 1985
Leanne Bundy Leanne Bundy - Widgie 2 episodes, 1985
Jan Ringrose Jan Ringrose - Sally 2 episodes, 1985
Simone Taylor Simone Taylor - Dixie 2 episodes, 1985
Rob Thomas Rob Thomas - Festival Manager 2 episodes, 1985
Chuck McKinney Chuck McKinney - Little Richard 2 episodes, 1985
Liz Harris Liz Harris - Valda Marshall 2 episodes, 1985
Nique Needles Nique Needles - Col Joye 2 episodes, 1985
Arthur Sherman Arthur Sherman - Clay 2 episodes, 1985
Alton Harvey Alton Harvey - Ed Sullivan 2 episodes, 1985
Elizabeth Burton Elizabeth Burton - Stripper 2 episodes, 1985
Diana Davidson Diana Davidson - Matriach 2 episodes, 1985
Robbie McGregor Robbie McGregor - Australian Doctor 2 episodes, 1985
Slim DeGrey Slim DeGrey - Taxi Driver 2 episodes, 1985
Ian 'Molly' Meldrum Ian 'Molly' Meldrum - Himself 2 episodes, 1985
Donna Gubbay Donna Gubbay - Bit Part 2 episodes, 1985
Chris Hession Chris Hession - Bit Part 2 episodes, 1985
Greg Curran Greg Curran - Bit Part 2 episodes, 1985
Paul Flaherty Paul Flaherty - Bit Part 2 episodes, 1985
Ross Higgins Ross Higgins - Voice Overs 2 episodes, 1985
Ollie Hall Ollie Hall 2 episodes, 1985
Kellie Turner Kellie Turner - Girl in pub 2 episodes, 1985

User reviews



Shout- The story of Johnny O'Keefe. This is a 2 DVD set that runs for 200 minutes including extras, and digitally remastered for Dolby 5.1. Originally shown on TV by the Seven Network back in 1985. I recently purchased (2007) the DVD set and have watched it many times. Terry Serio's portrayal of Johnny O'Keefe is excellent and so to is John McTiernan as Lee Gordon. Of course no movie can do justice to O'Keefe, but it covers the main events in his show biz life, and yes there are glitches and omissions. Most of his hits are there in full and I thought well presented and mimed by Terry Serio. O'Keefe almost single handedly kick started rock and roll in this country, fighting radio stations who weren't interested in Australian talent. I would recommend this to anyone interested in early Australian Rock and Roll.


SHOUT is a two part 200 minute epic musical biography on the life and career of iconic Australian rock and roll star Johnny O'Keefe. From his 1950s teen years as a hyperactive stage performer in pubs and kids clubs through the massive stadium stage shows of 1959/60 organized by shyster entrepreneur Lee Gordon (now there is a film bio begging to be made) to O'Keefe's second marriage and second wind as a 70s performer, SHOUT bristles with about 22 major song performances most played out in full. What separates this whopper musical from more pedestrian fare is the utterly sensational performance by the magnetic Terry Serio in the lead role. In the 70s Serio was the vocalist in a terrific rock group called The Elks and had some claim to fame given the popularity of the band and obvious suitability as a possible actor. Ultimnately he became known as a reliable workhorse in many Australian TV and movie productions. However, SHOUT is truly something else. Produced lavishly and on a simply gigantic musical scale with startling and entertaining performances by a particularly strong cast this allows the warts and all portrayal of O'Keefe's legendary explosive stage performances and drug fueled social life to be ruthlessly exposed between some very moving and dynamic song sequences. Of note is the excellent production values especially the art direction of 1950s Australia and the gorgeous well thought appropriate costumes. SHOUT is a handsome 3 hour musical produced with care and focus, much under rated and well worth re discovering and applauding. Serio's performance and screen charisma is undeniable and he delivers consistently even in what seem to be some wobbly directed moments. Some scenes have not made the time gap of the 80s to now but 90% of what is over all 3 hours + of engrossing opulence has passed the passage of time impressively. The DVD is excellent value but the movie is a major achievement about a troubled stick of singing rockabilly dynamite with shady friends and hard pressed family. Lee Gordon in real life was a US impresario rat- pack wannabee who came to Australia in 1953 and really kick started the importing of big name stars on massive tours in cities desperate for huge stage shows. Gordon was a hyperactive amphetamine addict who clashed and serenaded everyone he knew in and out of their money. What he did for Australian showbiz is a film in itself. The train crash of talent between himself and O'Keefe is the core of this terrific biography. One standout (in a hundred) is the rendition of a song called I THANK YOU sung in a concert to O'Keefe's own parents. A moment of such transporting beauty that it actually lifts the whole film yet another notch. Candy Raymond as Maureen, his second wife, and Melissa Jaffe as his mother create outstanding believable performances. It has a strong script, unflinching expose and enough tawdry backstage drama to keep it all percolating along for over 3 hours. There are not many actors who can achieve success in a 3 hour musical biography, a field notoriously difficult to get right, but Serio in SHOUT delivers. Unfairly maligned for some obvious 80s production issues and occasional lame TV direction, you can overlook this if you focus on the excellent production values, John McTiernan as the very scary Lee Gordon and an utterly magnetic screen performance by Terry Serio. It's a big musical epic and well worth your time. I first saw it on TV in 1986 and though it was good then, but seeing it again in 2011 on DVD has allowed me to be completely astonished at just how good.


OK, i understand that this was a low budget film, but it is no excuse for it to be BAD in every way sense and form! First of all, the script is woeful. Dialogue is ridiculous and the scene's are all over the place. The acting follows suit being so PATHETICALLY delivered, not thought out in any way and rushed to everyone's best ability. Terry is the WORST mimer of O'Keefe's songs i could ever imagine. In no way or form does he look like he is singing the songs. He has obviously memorised JO'K's moves, but then applies these moves to the wrong songs. I'm sure Johnny O'Keefe did not bounce and shake his leg while singing "she wears my ring" or "Save the last dance". In addition to this, the story manages to successfully avoid O'Keefe's actual Career in the story of his life. I am not sure how it manages it, but in no way shape or form does it seem to cover his rise and fall and rise again in the Rock and Roll world! I cannot express how much pain this movie caused me to watch and how on earth i managed to sit through the whole thing without slashing vital arteries. An Australian icon such as JO'K deserved better


However this movie is not it. Johnny O'Keefe's life is cut down to two hours with so many crucial events cut out. This movie does not even focus on all the great stuff he did, how he put Australian music on the map, how he was an inspiration to young Australian musicians everywhere, instead all it focuses on is the morbid details like him being temporarily placed into a mental hospital. The actor who plays O'Keefe does an awful job, and you don't even hear any original O'Keefe songs throughout the movie! The clichéd ending is absolutely horrific! This movie is a disgrace to the great Johnny O'keefe. The stage play of the same name was a lot better and serves as a far more fitting tribute to the legend that is Johnny O'keefe.