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Ecstasy (2011) Online

Ecstasy (2011) Online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Drama / Thriller
Year :
Cast :
Christy Andersen,Ava Andersen,Halle Andersen
Writer :
Ryan M. Andrews,Raymond H. Law
Type :
Time :
1h 36min
Rating :

A single church-going mother desperately tries to save her two daughters from walking down the same dark path she was once on; and a young woman fights against addiction to a mysterious party drug.

Ecstasy (2011) Online

A single church-going mother desperately tries to save her two daughters from walking down the same dark path she was once on; and a young woman fights against addiction to a mysterious party drug.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Christy Andersen Christy Andersen - Alison Meyer
Ava Andersen Ava Andersen - Young Dianna
Halle Andersen Halle Andersen - Young Chantel
Robert Ambrose Robert Ambrose - Mental Patient
Shelby Janes Shelby Janes - Nurse Claire Benette
Alex Essoe Alex Essoe - Helena (as Alexandra Essoe)
Bryson Jones Allman Bryson Jones Allman - Hospital Warden (as Benjamin Clarke)
Damien Sylvester Damien Sylvester - Mental Patient
Dylan McKewan Dylan McKewan - Bart
Elisa King Elisa King - Dianna Meyer
Charlie Bewley Charlie Bewley - David Lancer
Gillian Zinser Gillian Zinser - Amanda Crawford (as Gillian Amilia Zinser)
Teagan Vincze Teagan Vincze - Faye Bass
David Short David Short - Professor Kaminsky (as David Smith)
Bobby Hilborn Bobby Hilborn - School Girl

User reviews



This is a very didactic, aggressively sad movie. From the start, it feels like a charity funded anti-drug work. Good Christians against the dark soul of drugs. Characters are very shallow, there is a bible in most of the scenes. All young people are good in essence, except for their inability to assess the outcome of their actions. I hated the movie because from the start you can guess the direction it is taking. Obviously there is nothing, no information or emotion, about ecstasy. You might as well replace the pills in the movie with some other bad thing and give the kids another lesson. But you also need to change the title of the movie, that's evidently important.


The beginning of this film picked up at a good pace and I expected that the plot would unfold and continue to be intriguing at the very least. However, my expectations were greatly dismantled after about a half an hour in. I so badly wanted to stop watching out of boredom but I kept thinking at some point, the movie would pick up.

The acting as not bad at all, nor the art direction that the film took. However, there was a lot of character forming relationships that didn't make any sense to me at all. First off, the mother didn't seem much of a "practicing catholic", she seemed very uninvolved with both her daughters lives. The whole priest using that pill in the wine was just very strange and nothing ever seemed to come of it.

More importantly, it never explains what exactly the pill is. I'm unsure why the film is named ecstasy because those pills were nothing of the sort.

I think this film lost its direction right after the crude bathroom rape scene. I was left with a frustration as to why nothing was even wrapped up. I'm used to films where there isn't a happy ending so that wasn't the problem. Its just this one had very little direction to begin with, and to end it on the same note was simply unnerving.


This is probably the first movie I have to give 1 out of 10 stars. It is completely senseless and a waste of time, packed with clichés over and over and has no real plot or a main character to follow. It looks like someone put together all known drug clichés, rolled the dice to start with something and then just added silly cliché after cliché after cliché. If we wouldn't have been three of us to watch it and started making fun out of it after 15 minutes (!!) I would have stopped the DVD not even close to 30 minutes.

And everything what I like or interests me about drug- and electro music films also failed in this one, like music, good clubbing scenes, interesting nightlife characters and so on.

Do your self a favor and don't watch this. You will be very disappointed.


A single church-going mother desperately tries to save her two daughters from walking down the same dark path she was once on; and a young woman fights against addiction to a mysterious party drug.

Ah, didn't know what exactly to expect but I got what was way worse than I expected. I really did honestly like the cinematography and the acting. Those were the main points of the film, and if it wasn't for them, this film would've gotten a 1. The film sounded pretty interesting from the summary and everything so I tried watching it on Netflix. This is one of those films I just turned off in the middle of viewing it. Really that bad. Another thing that was really weird is that the main drug in the film isn't even ecstasy, so why even call the film ecstasy telling the viewers that your about to see a film ABOUT ECSTASY. Really stupid. But this is the first film on my reviews that has gotten below a 5, congratulations Ecstasy. 4/10.
generation of new

generation of new

Despite the bad reviews I went ahead and watch the film...just really wanted to see a house music film. To my surprise the film is actually serious and deep. There are some holes in the story, like the church thing, but its minor. i thought the director did an excellent job. The acting is immersive, the cinematography is slick and the music is will satisfy your ecstasy addiction.

I didn't realize im writing a review for this film and IMDb wants me to write more. Im not really a reviewer so I will just put things in point forms.

What I love:

  • The mother's struggle with her corrupted daughter. This part really reminded me of my current relationship with my mom. She just despised my going out and partying til the morning ways. although I was responsible, she was still giving me a hard time. I get her point. It's so much better now that I don't live at home. Our relationship is 10 times better.

What I hate:

  • I hated the church playing in to the film. I thought they could have just focused on the family thing and it would have been a perfect film. They tried to incorporate too many ideas into one film and thats why that part suffered. I just didn't buy the Priest and the drugs thing.

Overall, I give this film a 8 out of 10 because its a good film that is socially relevant and it also hits home for me and some of my friends.....specially watching the bathroom scene in the club. WOW!


Wasn't that good of a film, got one of my lowest ratings here on IMDb. But all in all I did watch out the entire movie. Something kept me watching. The acting like one stated in a review before wasn't bad at all. And the film had a couple of intriguing moments/scenes, but then just continued to follow another illogic path. The plot just was filled with holes, and it left quite some questionmarks at the end.. And indeed, why name a film 'ecstasy' when it's about some kind of (fictional) variant on ecstasy.. So eventually ended up quite far-fetched

All in all I did give it a 5, I've seen even worse movies which I did stop halfway.


I tried with this movie. The first time I watched it i felt like I was holding my breath right up unit the end for some kind of delivery that never arrived....

I tried watching it a second and a third time hoping that I would catch something or find any kind of hidden explanation. Didn't happen.

You basically have a one dimensional story that I imagine focuses mostly on a family of two teenage daughters. The eldest being extremely emotionally disturbed and unstable, the youngest naive and low esteem, and a door mat single mother. From there the story is chaos and we have scenes that make no sense.

Are the girls in college? Community college? Christian Orientated school? What are these weird dorms? Apartments? Yet one girl is some super DJ at a fancy club? Clearly the girls experiment with drugs regularly although one night at the club a "specific" pill batch goes around that is said to be unlike no other.... Meanwhile during the night.... You have the little underage sister getting raped by her older sister's friend's boyfriend in a bathroom at the crowded club. Skip a head an hour and the group of girls, minus the little sister are back at the dorm of the rapist boyfriend and his alter boy roommate?? The rapist and his girlfriend seclude themselves in a bedroom doing more and more of the "new pill" until the girlfriend starts loosing her mind and mutilating her "pudgy tummy" because she thinks she is fat. (Not a common side effect of Ecstasy by the way) This happening over the course of a few hours? Next we have the older sister fall off the deep end with countless emotional outbursts with continued use of the "new Pill". You have the younger sister think she is pregnant and go find her rapist to tell him, and somehow coax him to caring about her by offering stolen "new pills" from her sister. Again this over the course of a day or two after she is raped. After a few hours, the little sister and the rapist guy are both showing the bazaar confusing effects of this "new pill" by basically going into a deep depression and killing themselves. Skip to a side story the single mom is supplying the local priest with pills, not specified what kind, but maybe the "new pill"? Maybe not? The strange alter-boy roommate character is observing the priest put the pill into the communal wine???? This out of NOWHERE! (Laughing face if I could insert one).

By the end of this mess the supposed "new Pill" leaves the story with: Two dead characters, two emotionally and mentally broken characters, one reformed DJ character, and one confused alter boy.

The story feels motivated by a religious agenda almost as an anti-drug message that using will rustle your inner demons until you are either dead or insane. Who knows??


From the man without a last name comes the urban thriller Ecstasy. This is an anti-drug film with drug deaths, sexual assault, and misfortune all leading to destruction in this rather graphic film. In a college community, four teenage school girls find escape in a mysterious new party drug that brings them to new heights. A mother tries in vain to stop her daughters as she watches them become addicted and lose control, and all the girls begin to be haunted by the withdrawals, which makes all their fears, guilt and demons become real. I found the acting really tight amongst the cast but it was Lux's direction and cinematography that really stood out for me. I'm looking forward to following his career and seeing the next move he makes. Highly recommend this!


Drugs seems to be that craze many think is cool to use. In this film, even though the drug wasn't ecstasy, it still had the after effects and consequences. The characters in the film were also tested on their beliefs and faith.

Young and naive Dianna, was succumbed to peer pressure, and was a bad role model for her younger sister, Chantel. That mysterious red pill is still in question. What was upsetting is when David found out what the minister was doing. He thought the right thing to do his own little research and involve the police. But, the police took him as a joke. Very sad.

Moral of the story, drugs and alcohol takes a drastic turn for the worse in not only the user's life, but also everyone else around them.