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Trapped in Katrina (2009) Online

Trapped in Katrina (2009) Online
Original Title :
Trapped in Katrina
Genre :
Movie / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Patrick Marrero
Cast :
Anne Arceneaux,Fayard Lindsey,Will Morrow
Writer :
Patrick Marrero
Type :
Time :
1h 23min
Rating :

Ignoring warnings to stay away, Hilton and Amelia, a New Orleans couple displaced by Hurricane Katrina, decided to return to the Big Easy and see their destroyed home first hand. Upon ... See full summary

Trapped in Katrina (2009) Online

Ignoring warnings to stay away, Hilton and Amelia, a New Orleans couple displaced by Hurricane Katrina, decided to return to the Big Easy and see their destroyed home first hand. Upon arrival, they quickly realize that things will never be the same. Everything they owned and the life they once lived is gone and when their car breaks down they find themselves trapped in a desolate wasteland. With cell service down and no help for miles tensions begin to rise and ultimately the couple turns on each other. A fight ensues ending with Hilton storming off to find help on his own. Having no luck, He returns to find Amelia gone. With night falling, Amelia missing, and no help to be found, Hilton must brave the inky darkness and all that comes with it to find his wife in this lawless urban apocalypse. Hurricane Katrina changed his life forever, but what happened next corrupted his soul. {locallinks-homepage}
Credited cast:
Anne Arceneaux Anne Arceneaux - Amelia
Fayard Lindsey Fayard Lindsey - Hilton
Will Morrow Will Morrow - Sgt. Travis
Brian Perry Brian Perry - Jules

User reviews



MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS I read the previous comments regarding the film and i must say i was thinking twice about watching the movie.

For the benefit of the doubt i decided to watch it. I thought the idea was great, portraying the aftermath of the horrific event. however i was absolutely shocked and in turn i had to write my first ever comment to warn others of this junk. there was no story, no direction and absolutely no grasp. what a waste of a good idea.

only watch it if you are bored to death and would kill yourself if you don't watch a movie and have nothing else available.

What to film makers have in mind when they create such nonsense.


My expectations were not that high before seeing Trapped in Katrina. I had been told it was a bit crude, described as an "indie" effort. But I at least hoped I would learn something useful about Katrina and the aftermath in New Orleans. What I encountered was not "indie" but "amateur." The writing, the acting, the camera work were all abysmal and the story made no sense. I think this movie wanted to be a quasi-documentary/dramatization and the filmmaker let it drift into a pseudo-creepy horror flick instead. There is no explanation of what had happened to the main character's wife when she shows up at the end, (we see other characters with her but there is no interaction with any of them). The main character Hilton winds up killing a Katrina survivor after a night of Deliverance-style hallucinations that are, what? Part of some sort of statement about how the Hurricane made everyone crazy? Or perhaps he offed the guy because the survivor managed to deliver his lines about the horrors of hearing people screaming and drowning in a deadpan monotone. I'm certainly glad I waited until I could watch this without actually paying for it. I would recommend anyone to keep your distance. There is an hour and 22 minutes I will never get back.


I got the opportunity to watch Trapped in Katrina, and I think is a movie that would take you a little closer to what happened in New Orleans when this city was hit by the hurricane Katrina. You get to see all the destruction that this force of the nature did to New Orleans, and to the people that lived there. Surviving to the hurricane does not mean that you are saved, it actually means that the nightmare beings. Realizing that you lost everything I would say is the hardest part, and from there, you will see that Hilton and Amelia don't have anything but each other. Desperation can make you do things you would never imagine, and Hilton and Amelia would show the extreme example of this.