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She diao ying xiong zhuan  Online
Original Title :
She diao ying xiong zhuan
Genre :
TV Series / Action / Drama / Romance
Cast :
Hugh Hu,Ariel Lin,Shi Shi Liu
Type :
TV Series
Time :
Rating :
She diao ying xiong zhuan Online

When their husbands are killed by the Song Army, two pregnant women escape to foreign lands and both give birth to boys who are very different from each other. Guo Jing (Hu Ge) is a strong but dull-headed young man who grows up on the Mongolian prairie. Yang Kang (Justin Yuan) is a smart and skilled you man who is raised as the son of Wanyan Hong Lie (Guo Liang), a successor of the Jin Empire. The worlds of these two men collide when their respective martial arts masters make a secret pact, while their lives are further complicated by the love of two women, Huan Rong (Ariel Lin) and Mu Nian Ci (Liu Shi Shi).
Series cast summary:
Hugh Hu Hugh Hu - Guo Jing 50 episodes
Ariel Lin Ariel Lin - Huan Rong 50 episodes

Hu Ge was involved in a car accident on 29 August 2006 while travelling from Hengdian to Shanghai on the highway, resulting in the shooting of the series being delayed due to recovery from his injuries.

Sun Xing was originally cast as Hong Qigong but was later replaced by Bryan Leung due to the delay resulting from Hu Ge's recovery, which made Sun decide to move on, causing legal conflict. Sun filmed some scenes prior to his replacement, and those scenes were reshot again later with Leung taking over Sun's role.

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Romance, friendship, great fights and humour everywhere. Great storyline and character development. Hu Ge and Ariel Lin are great actors.