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Survivor Boys vs. Girls (2000– ) Online

Survivor Boys vs. Girls (2000– ) Online
Original Title :
Boys vs. Girls
Genre :
TV Episode / Adventure / Game Show / Reality TV
Year :
Cast :
Jeff Probst,Jenna Morasca,Matthew von Ertfelda
Writer :
Charlie Parsons
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
1h 5min
Rating :
Survivor Boys vs. Girls (2000– ) Online

As the sixteen castaways arrived deep in the Amazon jungle, Jeff shocked the castaways when he divided the castaways into a tribe of men, Tambaqui, and a tribe of women, Jaburu. He gave the castaways their buffs and maps to their respective camps. As Tambaqui arrived at their camp, they had a quick meeting and questioned the women's survival skills. When Jaburu arrived at their camp, Christy shocked her tribemates by announcing that she's deaf. At the immunity challenge, Tambaqui took an early lead, however Jaburu pulled ahead when Daniel and Ryan had trouble with the balance beam. Immunity was won by Jaburu, sending the men to Tribal Council.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Jeff Probst Jeff Probst - Himself - Host
Jenna Morasca Jenna Morasca - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
Matthew von Ertfelda Matthew von Ertfelda - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe (as Mateo)
Rob Cesternino Rob Cesternino - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe
Butch Lockley Butch Lockley - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe
Heidi Strobel Heidi Strobel - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
Christy Smith Christy Smith - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
Alex Bell Alex Bell - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe
Deena Bennett Deena Bennett - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
Dave Johnson Dave Johnson - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe
Roger Sexton Roger Sexton - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe
Shawna Mitchell Shawna Mitchell - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
Jeanne Hebert Jeanne Hebert - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
JoAnna Ward JoAnna Ward - Herself - Jaburu Tribe
Daniel Lue Daniel Lue - Himself - Tambaqui Tribe