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El escape de los Santos (2005) Online

El escape de los Santos (2005) Online
Original Title :
El escape de los Santos
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Ricardo Mendoza Wheeler
Cast :
Orlando Arreola,Ramiro Briones,Tomas Brown
Writer :
Ricardo Mendoza Wheeler,Alonso Wheeler
Type :
Time :
1h 24min
Rating :
El escape de los Santos (2005) Online

EL ESCAPE DE LOS SANTOS is an independent feature film inspired by a true story. Andres De Los Santos, A young man who by mistake gets caught with hunting rifles while crossing to Mexico is sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. The rifles were registered in the United States and more importantly in Mexico. Andres discovers that the Mexican judicial system is extremely flawed. There are no juries, no testimony and your are guilty until proven innocent. Andres has one choice. Escape. His escape left everyone baffled. No one could even guess how he did it. Until now.
Credited cast:
Orlando Arreola Orlando Arreola - Andres' Dad
Ramiro Briones Ramiro Briones - Paques
Tomas Brown Tomas Brown - Jorge (Chava's Friend)
Lupe Camarillo Lupe Camarillo - Doctor Watts
Carlos Coral Carlos Coral - Juan Coronas
Francisco Javier Flores Francisco Javier Flores - Chava Meraz
Joel Federico Gonzalez Joel Federico Gonzalez - Tomas Paniagua
Hector Hernandez Hector Hernandez - Customs Agent
Jose Luis Mosqueda Jose Luis Mosqueda - Prison Warden
Robert Rodriguez Palafox Robert Rodriguez Palafox - Guard- Alfonso Perez Palacios
Jaqueline Robledo Jaqueline Robledo - Girlfriend
Pedro Salazar Pedro Salazar - Guillermo Montenegro
Rolando Tamayo Rolando Tamayo - Attorney Aldrete
Guadalupe Torres Guadalupe Torres - Andres' Grandmother
Alonso Wheeler Alonso Wheeler - Andres de los Santos

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A small budget production by local television personality Ricky Mendoza from Eagle Pass, Texas, a bustling border town on the banks of the Rio Grande in South Texas, "Escape" is a working man's version of "El Mariachi" or "Como Agua Para Chocolate". Highlighting a real-life imprisonment in Coahuila, the filmmaker shows vision and authenticity of a region of Northern Mexico and the corruption that pervades the country. Mendoza has teamed up with composer Carlos Coral to give "Escape" a cultural flair all its own. The colloquial dialect exemplified in the Spanish dialogue is interesting and the character actors (such as Mosqueda) are almost as good as "Desperado" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico".